Introduction to Mountain House

Introduction to Mountain House

With a charm that resonates with rural vibes, Mountain House is a secluded community located just 60 minutes from the bustling streets of San Francisco. But don't let its quiet allure fool you; this planned community is designed with modern living in mind. With spacious homes boasting expansive yards, residents can relish the luxury of space, a feature that's becoming increasingly rare in many Californian towns.

Offering the best of both worlds, Mountain House combines the serenity of countryside living with the convenience of proximity to one of the world's most dynamic cities. Whether you're a family seeking room to grow, an individual cherishing personal space, or someone aspiring for a close-knit community vibe, Mountain House is the epitome of dream living.

Beyond the scenic views and peaceful surroundings, the people are its heart and soul. This closely-knit community paints a portrait of warmth and camaraderie. The first home was built in 2003; today, it boasts a population nearing 30,000. Upon completion, the community will house between 48,000 to 50,000 residents.

Mountain House has seven unique villages: Wicklund, Bethany, Altamont, Questa, Hansen, Cordes, and College Park. Each village, designed to have 800-1,000 homes, will eventually include a kindergarten through eighth-grade school and a village park.

While its topographical beauty stands out, Mountain House's weather can be the talk of the town. Though we enjoy warm, pleasant days, the winds from the Altamont are notably strong, sometimes prompting a light-hearted warning to keep your pets indoors!

Governing Mountain House: Administration and infrastructure

Mountain House's administrative framework is headed by the Mountain House Community Services District (MHCSD), functioning similarly to an incorporated city. Governed by a board, its role extends to multiple spheres, including policing, public recreation, road maintenance, and utilities.

The MHCSD utility bill includes a debt service component to ensure water and garbage services are efficient, which aids in repaying developers for the groundwork of water and wastewater systems. Inframark delivers water services, with garbage collection by West Valley Disposal and energy services split between PG&E (gas) and MID (electricity). For those technologically inclined, Comcast/Xfinity and AT&T offer internet services. Survey data from 2021 shows a close tie between Verizon and AT&T as the preferred mobile service providers.

A dive into finances: Understanding the value

Property taxes in Mountain House are dynamic, fluctuating with the value of your house. For instance, a property valued at $700,000 will attract a Prop 13 tax of $7,000. However, only a fraction of this returns to MHCSD, with the rest allocated to the county. Special and miscellaneous taxes are contingent on the house's size rather than value.

Despite the potential for a 4% annual increase in these special taxes, history reflects a more conservative 2% rise over the past 14 years. Considering current rates, a house worth $700,000 would roughly entail a total tax of $10,500. Assuming these rates and associated amenities, the cost of living can be moderate, with house values primarily reflecting the robust community infrastructure, ranging from parks to schools.

Businesses and amenities: The services you need

Mountain House's commercial landscape is burgeoning. Among the prominent businesses are Wicklund Market, Mountain House Dental, Elite Training Academy-Liv Fitness, and Valley Chiropractic. Cordes Village Plaza includes the T-Hub Café, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Plume Dental, and Young Explorers.

The Safeway Shopping Center is another hub, welcoming names like Starbucks, Mountain Mike's Pizza, and Great Cuts. And it's worth mentioning that we now have a gas station next to Safeway! Our recreational areas mirror the vibrancy of the business sector. The Central Park, slated for expansion, and the Creek Park, situated in the town's heart, promise leisure and recreation.

Nurturing minds, sporting spirit

Education thrives here with the Lammersville Unified School District (LUSD), recognized as one of California's top districts. With seven kindergarten through eighth-grade schools and a state-of-the-art high school, the commitment to learning is evident. The sporting spirit isn't far behind. The choices are vast, from the foundational Mountain House Little League to the recently inaugurated MH Stallions. Soccer, flag football, golf, tennis, and swimming are just a few offerings that keep the community active.

Digital gatherings, clubs, and societies

Mountain House is a hive of digital activity. The two dominant Facebook pages, "Mountain House" and "Mountain House Residents," each boast over 12,000 members, underscoring the community's zeal for connection.

Offline, numerous clubs cater to diverse interests. The Mothers Club is the most long standing, established in 2003. A simple search on Facebook with "MH" followed by an interest will likely lead you to a club. Community events sponsored by the MHCSD further this connectedness. The calendar is always buzzing, from the Kite Festival in June to the 4th of July Parade and the musical summer nights.

Health and wellness

Though Mountain House doesn't have its own hospital, the proximity to Sutter Tracy Community Hospital and multiple urgent care clinics in Tracy ensures residents are always close to medical care. Kaiser hospitals in nearby locations like Manteca and Antioch also serve the community. On the security front, while crime exists as in any other community, the rates are commendably low, thanks to the installation of over 60 cameras in 2021.

A wise investment

Mountain House is community living at its finest. This blossoming locale boasts an impressive growth trajectory, continually expanding amenities, and a promising future, ensuring a great return on your Mountain House real estate. Home values here have been consistent, reflecting the undying allure of the region. Investing in Mountain House makes you part of a closely-knit community that offers top-tier education, diversified recreational activities, and a pulse on the future. Such holistic living experiences are rare, making homes in this region sought after and a smart financial move.

Partnering with local experts

Refined Real Estate company, with its dedicated team of agents, is your gateway to unlocking the best homes for sale in Mountain House. Our team, guided by principles of honesty, integrity, and clarity, has a pulse on upcoming developments and potential hotspots. Entrust your home-buying journey to us and experience the peace of mind from knowing you're in capable hands. Your dream home in a community poised for greatness is just a consultation away.

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